Your flag.

My flag.

THE Flag.

Seems to be a whole bunch of folks talking about flags lately. Battle flags, official flags. Seems that a bunch of folks have a bunch of opinions. This flag represents heritage. That flag represents hatred, and bigotry.

But all of this hoopla, and interest brings up a couple of questions in my mind.

First, if a flag represents hatred and bigotry today, didn’t it also represent the same back in 1964? Why wasn’t it taken down then?

Secondly, what is our attention being drawn away from with this tempest in a teapot?

Are we so easily lead by our noses that we get all wound up in causes of the week? The nightly news is full of whatever juicy cause makes the cut….transgender, prison escapes, flags, guns, violence, hate. Usually when you toss a bunch of smoke out there to keep peoples attention it means that you are trying to sneak something through the back door.

Smoke and mirrors.

Hey, we even got Cooter from “The Dukes of Hazzard” chiming in…..of course for him to have the confederate battle flag outlawed would mean that the business he has made selling that flag would be over. Kaput. Gone.

No more bikinis with the battle flag on them. No more bandanas. No more knives, dog collars, key chains, hats, t-shirts, dresses, towels, patches for the ass of your jeans or short-shorts. No more coozies to wrap around your cheap beer. Lynyrd Skynryd won’t have it on anymore CD covers.

Maybe that is it. So much money has been made over the years using this flag that a bunch of folks don’t want it to end.

But if this flag represents hatred and bigotry now, didn’t it represent that all along? This all didn’t happen overnight.

Smoke and mirrors.