A friend called me out the other day. They made the comment that I had been quiet lately.

I thought that I had been rather loud.

But deep down I knew that my friend was right. Instead of writing new posts I have been re-posting what I had written in the past. I was hiding behind words that, though relevant, were dated.

And I thought that no one had noticed.

Imagine my surprise.

The world is full of change and at times the effect of those changes impacts your affect.

Did you see what I did there? Regardless of anything, I still do amuse myself.

I am one of those folks who have problems getting with the spirit of this season. Blame it on having worked in retail for over 3 decades. Blame it on my fractured relationship ability, or inability….depending on who you talk to.

Regardless. It is hard for me to get too amped up for decorating, shopping, and all of the other hoopla. Which ends up with me making sarcastic and cynical comments.

Imagine that.

So now that we are past Thanksgiving the good times are going to start winding up for real. Company parties, parties with friends and family, get togethers with school friends. Lots of food, lots of drinking. Shopping trips, making cookies, making candy, making yourself crazy trying to get it all done while still working, and taking care of your families.

It can be a highly stressful time for some. Completely debilitating for others. With everything going on around you, don’t forget to take the time to pay attention. That’s all anyone can ask.

Please pay attention.