I have been cruising along quite smoothly for the past few months. Life has been simple. So of course I have to find something to make it a little more interesting.

After a conversation with my Landlords in which they told me that they were going to be selling The Meth Lab after the first of the year…I decided to look into my ability to purchase it.

Yes. You read that correctly. Me purchase The Meth Lab. I contacted the IAMPHILDODD.com Unpaid Financial Consultants over the weekend. We crunched numbers and came up with….this is entirely feasible.

Wow. Talk about surprising me.

Still have to negotiate everything, but the indications are that it will go through by the end of this year.

Which will be interesting because the Lab needs an entire interior refurb.

Time to start saving pennies.

Hello ramen noodles.