The days started out with gloomy skies, wind, and cooler temperatures.

Irma hit Naples, Marco Island, and is heading for Tampa. So far she is still going north. Irma has weakened to a Category 2 hurricane. Which means instead of a “HOLY SHIT!” storm, she is now a “SHIT!” storm.

Over 2 million customers are without power in the southern part of Florida.

I am really feeling the need for some Pakalolo right now but unfortunately my personal dispenser left town to take care of family.


There is nothing like not knowing what the hell is going on. Feeling your anxiety growing to the point where you can just feel it growing in the back of your throat. It feels like you are going to vomit, but in reality the feral side of you just wants to run down the street screaming with your jaws locked open and blood running out of your ears.

But that wouldn’t do in a civilized society, now would it.

So you pour another ration of grog and try to keep it under control.

If Irma keeps rolling north I will be pelted with rain and tropical storm winds. The county I live in has declared a “voluntary evacuation” for folks who just don’t feel safe, and the county has also declared that it will shut down the bridges over the Sound if wind speed exceeds 39 mph.

I have to wait until after dark tonight to find out where this bitch of a storm is going to go. And then make the decision to stay or go. Why didn’t I leave earlier? There was no need. But now it is getting down to that time to make a decision.

Before I am trapped by not being able to use the bridges I need to use to get the hell out of dodge.

Yippee…ride ’em, cowboy!!!!!