The week before Halloween has been the official kick off to the “Holiday Season” as of late.

That season to include all of the global celebrations in November and December.

Here in the United States the main Holidays re Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

The Displays of toys, clothing, all varieties of gift options, and the ingredients for every one of your favorite foods.

Plans are being made in local businesses for holiday parties. Book ’em now, before the dates become taken up by others!!!

For some there are memories of times past that they impart on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat. A warm cozy feeling is felt by all.

Well. Not ALL……

Many people out here in the big wide world who will be spending the holidays alone. Like they have the rest of the year. Or just recently. Or for the past how many ever years.

Some of us want to be included in the hoopla, and fallderall. Some do not.

But all of us want to at least be acknowledged.

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