Sorry….not sorry.

Not talking about a person.

I’m talking about my job. My career. My chosen vocation.

You see….I love my job. It is perfect for me. I have an incredible amount of freedom and flexibility. I set my hours. I arrange the way that my day goes. I meet new people every day, so it never gets stale having to see the same people day in and day out. There is no politics involved….I am my only employee.

I make enough money to where I can pay my bills and still have enough to entertain my vices. I have weekends off. I have off the last two weeks of December. No Christmas or New Years crowds to deal with.

I love my job.

Unfortunately, I also hate my job.

The one thing that you do not do to a person who is dealing with Generalized Anxiety is to not give them a stable, regulated schedule. Meeting new people, and having to interact with them daily is not fun.

I spend a good portion of my day driving. The more time that I spend on the road, the better the chances are that I will get into another accident like the one that helped trigger my anxiety.

As a contractor, I don’t have a steady source of income. I am always on the look for new jobs. Without that steady source of income I have to budget closely. I watch my spending like a hawk.

Yin and Yang.

Pro and con.

Life in the balance.

Just like always.

But in doing what I do, I am the one in control. I don’t have to worry about anyone above me, and I am not in competition with anyone below me.

Life is good on the Gulf Coast, folks.