I have been blogging for the better part of 7 years now.  Started out with a free, basic blogspot blog talking about the weirdness that is always going through my head.  Ended up with a herd of various blogs, dealing with various subjects that made me a little bit of cash here and there.


Back in November of 2013 it was estimated that there were 152 million blogs.  152,000,000 blogs.  About every conceivable subject that you can think of.  Blogs about families.  Blogs about pets.  Blogs about food, drink, women, and song.  Blogs about blogs.

Some of those 152,000,000 blogs are even read by people other than the friends and family of the blogs author.  Imagine that.

So what is the point?


Glad you asked.  There is none.  I am actually writing this blog post because I added a new tracking code and I want to see where I land on the google search pages.  I have used the word blog in this post almost to the point of complete annoyance.  At least to me.  And when someone types in the word “blog”, “blogosphere”, or “blogging” into their google search, this post should come up.

In theory.

I am just bored on a Saturday evening and wanted to play around and see what would happen.